when you fuse a demon and the cathedral of shadows says "Whoops! Something went wrong" thats how you know its good


images may contain mild body horror/blood. anything severe will have a warning on the thumbnail.
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in 2024 I plan to continue doing weekly 1hr doodles! no real theme this time unlike 2023. some months I have vague themes I follow but I'm not sticking too strictly to them

tau tuesday

for the year of 2023, I coined a challenge for myself called tau tuesday/tausday, where I post art of my ffxiv warrior of light, tau, every tuesday. I did this to try to get myself to start drawing regularly again, because in 2022 I didn't draw that much, especially near the end of the year. I resolved to post something every week, intending to only spend about an hour or so max on these. some of the tau tuesdays ended up being more refined, though, but it's nice to know that I can fall back on just a one hr doodle if I need to.

some tuesdays I posted more than one picture. also, technically the very last image in this set wasn't posted on a tuesday, because I hadn't decided to do the challenge yet, but I did post it during the first week of the year so I'm counting it as tau tuesday week zero.


anything I drew in 2023 that wasn't part of tau tuesday


I didn't draw that much in 2022, especially towards the end of the year. a lot of sketchbook stuff. i played aitsf this year and drew a lot of kaname date.


I started playing final fantasy 14 this year!

2020 and earlier

cherry picking some things from 2020 and earlier that I still like.