when you fuse a demon and the cathedral of shadows says "Whoops! Something went wrong" thats how you know its good


I make games! sometimes. I am a hoarder of different engines, so I have a lot of surface level knowledge in different things.


rpgmaker 2003, 2012-now

title screen

cybernetic is a game I've been working on and off on for more than a decade. mostly off. started as a yume nikki fangame, my plans for cybernetic started expanding beyond just an exploration game. someday it will be finished!

the game is centered around a robot named SD-465 (later olivia), who is the product of a project to imbue an AI with free will. to do so, the scientists that created her programmed her a "dream world" for her to experiment with different scenarios without having to take her outside of the lab where she was created.

click on the gifs to view them in full size in a new tab. currently, the game is in a pre-alpha state because I want to redo all of the old art assets to be up to my current standards.

Skull Shooter

pico-8, 2020

title screen

skull shooter is a top down arcade style shooter. there are two powerups (increasing health and increasing bullet size), three different types of enemies, and a high score system.

gif of gameplay

in 2020, I realized I had pico-8 through a bundle I had purchased on itchio. I decided to start learning it, and I ended up doing a remake/demake of one of the first games I made. skull shooter was first made as a final project for a java class in high school, and the pico-8 version is vastly more polished.

you can play the game either by downloading it at the link below, or by playing it in your browser (click the play button)!



unity, 2018

click for full size

wanderlust is a small exploration game made in unity for a project in college. explore an alien world, and pick up collectibles. collectibles are randomized each run of the game.

click for full size



unity, 2019

I had to block out the team names for privacy reasons lol

cybernatural was the capstone project for my senior year of college. it's a top down shooter made in unity, where the enemies are generated from the contents of the player's recycling bin. enemy types include music files, images files, folders, zip files, and a generic placeholder file. I was the leader of the team, and I did most of the art, and programmed the script to scrape the players recycling bin.

there's no download for this one for a few reasons. one, it has my name and teammates names attached to it, which I would rather scrub for privacy. second, since I had a bunch of teammates with this, I want to get their permission to post it publicly. lastly, the recycling bin scraping only works with windows, and is kind of buggy, sometimes crashing midway through scraping. I was working off of code that was posted a decade ago that someone had written to scrape the recycling bin.

screenshot of gameplay

if you really really want to play it for some reason, shoot me a message over at my guestbook with a contact email and I can send you a copy.

I think about this tweet every day of my life. why did they think this would be an insult.