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here is my page to talk at length about my wiwis. and honorary wiwis. meaning, the pets that are not living in my house but are owned by my mom and dad so I still consider them like. pets in law. pets in another household.

Tatum & Dewey

tatum and dewey are a bonded sister and brother pair that my sister and I adopted in march of 2023. we were told when adopting them that they were ten years old, but on bringing them to the vet for a checkup we found out they were actually closer to eight years old according to their teeth. their original names were mojo and scrappy (short for scrap iron), but we renamed them after the sibling pair from scream (1996). we were not told much about their history, but they both have clipped ears, so we think at some point they were strays. thankfully, they live as spoiled indoor cats now.


tatum is the queen of the house. she is mostly white, with a few brown and black spots, and a brown and black stripped tail. when we got her she was very skittish and only observered us from across the room, but she's warmed up a lot! she loves to flop on the ground while we sit at the dinner table and roll around making air biscuits (or swimming as we refer to it). one of her flaws is that she hates being brushed so we have to bribe her with treats to placate her. her favorite treats are tubes of mousse; she turns her nose up at any hard treats. only goo for miss tatum. she sometimes lies down and looks like roadkill and it sends me every time

Charm Points: striped tail, fluffy paws with pink beans, brown heart shaped patch on her butt

Tatum Quick Facts

favorite food: tiki cat stix
favorite toy: catnip stuffed fleece disk
mental age: just a little baby
favorite pasttimes: sitting under my desk, smacking her brother on the head, rolling on the floor
orientation: pansexual
nicknames: tater tot, potatum (salad), tates
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dewey is the more laid back of the siblings. when we first adopted the pair, he seemed to purely be a grumpy old man, not wanting to be touched or interacted with. since then, he has come out of his shell a lot, and now comes up to us when we are sitting somewhere in the house to ask for pets. his right eye looks a bit wonky in pictures, because he has a defect where his lower eyelid turns in. thankfuly it doesn't seem to bug him and we manage it with eyedrops. lately he's been taking to sleeping on my sister's bed while she's away. I suspect he likes her more than me because she's been in charge of giving him eyedrops and eardrops for a previous persistent ear infection.

Charm Points: black "goatee" marking, his tail acting like a rudder when he chases after toys, how politely he waits to be petted

Dewey Quick Facts

favorite food: freeze dried chicken chunks
favorite toy: laser pointer
mental age: old man
favorite pasttimes: watching the neightborhood through the front window, napping in his cat carrier
orientation: still figuring things out
nicknames: dewby, dewbert, beembo

Honorary Pets


miss harleen frances quinzel PhD is my mom's cat, although up until october 2022 she was living in the same house as me so I consider her an honorary pet, even if now my relationship is 95% parasocial. she was born in 2017 to a feral cat that one of my mom's friends had taken in. we adopted harley a few weeks after that.

miss harley kind of has a rotten personality LOL. she only barely tolerates people petting her, and will whine if you try to pick her up or kiss her on the head. she is also very spoiled and has fancy litter and gets a scoop of wet food every day. she gets away with being a brat only because shes so cute. when she gets stressed out she hides underneath the quilts on the bed and all you can see is a harley shaped lump

Charm Points: big ol eyes, perpetually angry eyebrows, the very archetypal Cat Face

Harley Quick Facts

favorite food: wet food at 6am in the morning
favorite toy: her cat tower
mental age: rebellious teenager
favorite pasttimes: staring at people and the outside
orientation: lesbian
nicknames: harleybean, harles, boobear
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Jäger and Saint

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jäger and saint are my dad's two cats. my dad fostered cats in the beginning of 2020, and one of the fosters he had was a mother cat with her litter of kittens. the mother was named schnapps, and as I was working at the liquor store at the time I took it upon myself to name all of the kittens after various brands of cordials. iirc, the other kittens I named bailey, golds, and rumps (bailey's irish cream, goldschlager, and rumpleminze respectively). my dad ended up keeping two of the kittens, whom I had named after jägermeister and saint germain.

between the two, jäger (the brown tabby) is the more cuddly one. he is very tolerant of being picked up and held like a baby and petted. he is also not allowed to have free range to food because he will eat until he makes himself sick :(. saint, the orange cat, is the exact opposite. he's scrawny, and does not liked to be petted. his favorite pastime is staring at people across the room like he's a toddler seeing humans outside of their parents for the first time, and they have chosen that day to make a bold new wardrobe choice.

Charm Points: for jäger, it's his loud purrs and how soft his fur is. for saint... his big ol eyes are kinda cute. (really he needs a better personality though...)

Sewer Cat

sewer cat is a cat who lives behind my house in the sewer. when I go out for my daily walks I bring them treats! I've been slowly befriending them over the course of several months... the end goal is to capture them to get them neutered, since their lack of clipped ear makes me think they haven't been taken in yet

my neighbor spoils sewer cat a lot more than I do. she buys food (canned and dry), as well as has set up a little house for him by her garage that he can hide in when it rains. she's gotten comfortable enough with the cat that they've sniffed her finger! sometimes they follow her into her garage as well. I'm not quite that close, the best I've gotten so far is being able to sit within a few feet of them without them retreating into the sewer

my sister calls them krobus after the character in stardew valley that lives in the town's sewer. my neighbor named them after a street near our house. I tend to just call them sewer cat.

Charm Points: Roundness. Absolute Unit of a cat. I think their pale blue eyes and black pointed coloration are charming as well.
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