when you fuse a demon and the cathedral of shadows says "Whoops! Something went wrong" thats how you know its good


since ukagaka are still a fairly niche thing, I thought I would briefly explain what they are. and by explain, I mean steal a paragaph from the ukagaka dream team wiki. I recommend checking out the wiki's beginner guide for more information, like how to install ukagaka.

An Ukagaka 伺か or Nanika 何か, also known as a Ghost, is a character (or set of characters) that sit on your desktop and keep you company. They may have other functions or plug-ins that let them do other things, but their primary purpose is to keep you amused by chatting with them. What each Ghost can do depends on the developer of that Ghost in question! Some Ghosts have whole mini-games and RPGs included, while others are just meant to be cute things you can pet, and others are specialized for one specific purpose (FLELEs for example).

screenshot of a japanese ukagaka, emily

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