when you fuse a demon and the cathedral of shadows says "Whoops! Something went wrong" thats how you know its good


ffxiv modding is one of the other creative projects I've gotten into recently, fueled primarily by my desire to make mods that I would use. I do also do requests for mods (albiet at a slow pace since I have many many other things I'm working on concurrently). you can request a mod through this form.

click on an image to be taken to the mod's download page. filtering can be done through the buttons at the top or the tags on each mod. mods are posted in chronological order of release date.

my mods are all free. you are free to edit mods made from vanilla assets as you wish, be that changing textures or refitting to a different body. everything else check the original creators perms. my tag on social media for my mods is #vitamods.



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